Welcome to the Tiger Room

The Tiger room offers children aged 2-3 years stimulating and engaging activities to suit all age, ability and developmental stages of individual children. Enhanced activities is offered and planned through practitioner's careful observations, baseline assessments and progress reports which are contiunous through the child's nursery journey.

Welcome to the Tiger Room! This room caters for children aged 2-3 years. The children have access to all areas of continuous provision on a daily basis. This includes maths, role-play, construction, small world, creativity (i.e, painting and musical instruments). Activities are planned around children's interests and support all areas of their development.
Children are encouraged to choose their own resources for their play therefore displaying their own preferences.


My name is Natasha, I am, based in the Tiger Room Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I am the main key people for the Tweenie children (aged 2-3). A key aspect of my job role is to ensure all of the children are happy and safe. I do this by making sure their surroundings and resources they have access to are safe and encourage building good relationships with the children and their carers. I do lots of activities that are fun and beneficial to the children's individual needs. For example, some of the activities we do may need to be simplified or made more complex depending on your child's needs. During these activities I will observe and assess where your child is developmentally in regards to the EYFS. I create an online learning journey with these observations and pictures which show the children's achievements and day to day nursery life. I love using this method as it is set out in a way so that we can easily see where the children are with their learning. Parents can also acess their child's learning journey at any time.

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Displays are often updated with childrens work. The displays show what the children are interested in or focus on the theme for that room.


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