Mealtimes at Nursery

The setting accommodates all dietary requirements and all meals are cooked freshly on the premises.

Our menu is an 8 week rota (please find below) and the menu for the day is displayed on a white board. Parents or carers can also request a menu at any time.

We work closely with parents, families and carers and continuously ask about any changes to the child’s diet. If there is a change in a child's diet we will then communicate with the cook so she is updated on these changes also. This means that the child will get their requested diet.

Children are offered a snack throughout the nursery routine and these times are 10am, 1.30pm and 5pm drinking water is available at all times.


Babies 0-1 year- Porridge, milk (formula milk from home)
Babies 1-5 years- A choice of cereal, toast and milk are all offered.

Dinner Menu

Babies and Tweenies eat at 11.15am
Pre-school eat and 11.30am
Dinner is served with water, which we encourage the children to drink to keep them hydrated.

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Chilli Con Carne + Rice Apple Crumble + Ice cream Cowboy Pie Fresh Fruit Salad Chicken Chasseur Flapjack + Custard Fish Pie + Veg Milk pudding Baked Ziti Jam sponge + custard
2 Bacon + Tomato Pasta Carrot Cake + custard Pork Casserole Fruit Trifle Fish Fingers, Mash + Peas Milk Pudding Vegetable curry Fresh Fruit Salad Beef Stew Eaves Pudding + Custard
3 Sausage, Mash + Beans Milk Pudding Lasagne + Veg Treacle Sponge + Custard Chicken Supreme Fresh Fruit Salad Tuna Pasta + Veg Fruit Crumble + Custard Frankfurter Rissotto Carrot cake + ice cream
4 Vegetable stir fry Fresh Fruit Salad Fish Pie + Peas Fruit cake +Ice cream Pork Casserole Milk pudding Goulash, Cabbage +Mash Choc chip sponge + custard Chicken Risotto Fruit Trifle
5 Spaghetti Bolognese Jam Sponge + Custard Fish Fingers, Mash + Peas Fruit crumble+Ice cream Frankfurter Risotto Milk Pudding Chicken Casserole Flapjack + Custard Pork stir fry Fresh fruit salad
6 Fish Pie + Veg Banana + Custard Pork Casserole Milk Pudding Chilli Con Carne + Rice Eaves Pudding + Custard Bacon Carbonara Fresh fruit salad Chicken Supreme + Veg Fruit crumble +Ice cream
7 Sausage casserole Flapjack+ custard Chicken Rissotto Carrot cake +Custard Vegetable curry+Nan bread Fresh fruit salad Lasagne + Veg Apple Crumble + Ice cream Fish Fingers, mash + beans Milk Pudding
8 Chicken Chasseur Fresh Fruit Salad Pork Casserole Jam sponge + custard Bacon+ Tomato pasta Fruit Trifle Fish Pie and veg Fruit cake + custard Spaghetti Bolognese Milk Pudding

Tea Menu

All children have tea at 3pm
Tea is served with one cup of milk and then a cup of water if the child is still thirsty.

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Currant T Cakes Fresh fruit Crumpets Baking Beans + Toast Angel Delight+fruit Sandwiches Jelly+fruit Pizza+Spaghetti Fresh fruit
2 Soup Yoghurt+Raisins Currant T Cakes Fresh fruit Crumpets Jjelly+fruit Quiche+ Beans Baking Sandwiches Ice cream + fruit
3 Jacket potato + beans Fresh fruit Crumpets Yoghurts+Raisins Currant T Cakes Baking Sandwiches Fresh fruit Cheese+toast Jelly+fruit
4 Pizza + Beans Baking Ham/Cheese Wraps Jelly+fruit Currant T cakes Fresh fruit Soup+bread Yoghurt+Apple Beans + Toast Angel delight +fruit
5 Crumpets Yoghurt+pear Quiche + Spaghetti Angel delight+ Raisins Sandwiches Fruit Jelly Soup + Toast Fresh fruit Currant T Cakes Baking
6 Sandwiches Fruit Jelly Cheese + Toast Fresh fruit Crumpets Fruit + Ice cream Currant T Cakes Baking Jacket potatoes+cheese Yoghurt+Raisins
7 Soup + Bread Angel delight+fruit Currant T Cakes Yoghurt+Apple Sandwiches Baking Beans + Toast Fresh fruit Crumpets Fruit Jelly
8 Ham/Cheese wraps Baking Quiche + Spaghetti Jelly+fruit Crumpets Yoghurt+Raisins Pizza + Beans Angel delight+ Apple Currant T Cakes Fresh fruit

Cute Fruit Plus


Cute Fruit Plus is led by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust's (SWYFT) Oral Health Team.
The aim of Cute Fruit Plus is to improve the oral health of young children. This is done by:

Providing healthy snacks, meals and drinks

Teaching children why it is important to brush their teeth

Teaching children about different types of food and why some are good for you and some are bad for you

Encouraging parents and carers to ensure their children have a dental check-up every 6 months.

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